Asia Pacific Finance Plc. (APF) is a Micro Finance Institution which obtained the license from National Bank of Cambodia for carrying out the official business at December 03, 2015. By cooperation between Japanese and Cambodian investor, APF was established with the initial registered capital in National Bank of Cambodia also. With this capital, we have the purposes to provide the loan products to client with the best service. As well as, we are catering your business and personal needs because we understand precisely regarding your financial needs.

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Product and Services

House is very important for people. These loans. Are provided to borrowers who want to buy or
construct houses for their needs.

Car loan service that allows customers to withdraw their funds up to a maximum amount within a predetermined amount and allow customers to pay back all or part of the money based on the one-time withdrawn cash together with the guarantee letter to pay back the money.

For Moto Category, customers can use ASIA PACIFIC FINANCE Plc.,  Hire-Purchase for both new and second-hand motorcycle with conditions and requirements as below: