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Annual Report
About Us
Asia Pacific Finance Plc. (APF) is a Micro Finance Institution which obtained the license from National Bank of Cambodia for carrying out the official business. By cooperation between Japanese and Cambodian investor, APF was established with the initial registered capital in National Bank of Cambodia also. With this capital, we have the purposes to provide the loan products to you with the best service. As well as, we are catering your business and personal needs because we understand precisely regarding your financial needs.
With long term commitment we has capital 85 percentage from Japanese investor and 15
percentage from Cambodian investor in order to serve your financial needs, APF has been
improving and establishing the branch networks in Phnom Penh and Provinces also.
Currently, the first branch in Phnom Penh, Toul Kork branch is serving and providing
the loans to the clients who are living in Phnom Penh. Thus, we have committed to be
a leading micro finance institution in Cambodia with our slogan
 “Increasing the family economy”.    
Vision: To be the best massive market MFI that enriches life growing aspirations in Cambodia with finance skill in Asia    Pacific Area.

To be design innovative finance solutions which convictions, consistency and deliver best service for people living in Cambodia with growing up in order to increasing your family economic.

To achieve our strategic and became a massive MFI in market.  We have three values that we are need.
  • Innovative: We can innovative your living standard with create new produce and service
for present and future market need.
  • Accessible: To accessible finance market need we’re commitment work hard to achieve
excellent service to our customer.
  • We’re increasing and success together: Working clearly and ethically with good relating an open and friendly way to all.